EARTH BURIAL is a metal band comprised of members from Shy, Low (Pelagic Records), Reap & Sow, and My Darling Fury. The band's debut EP is a full-on collision of riff fueled chaos and sludge-ridden nightmares, with a heavy dose of influence from bands like Advent, Mare, Meshuggah, and Converge. 

Co-produced and mixed by Greg Thomas and Chris Teti of Silver Bullet Studios (END, Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, The World Is...), the five-song release conveys a relentless sense of frantic urgency and atmospheric collapse. The visual counterpart to this sonic hellhole was crafted by HELL SIMULATION, along with music video work by Director of Photography David Muessig, Juan Steck, and editor Drew Storcks.